Introduction Sports Association, Hong Kong University Students’ Union (HKUSU) was founded in 1912 and was first called The Hong Kong University Athletic Association. This association is under HKUSU and we act as a bridge between 25 sports clubs and HKUSU. Our main aim is to promote sports to members of HKUSU, as well as to monitor and assist our 25 sports clubs in organising intra and inter university sports activities such as Inter Faculty Competition, Inter Hall Competition, and Annual Intervarsity Games etc. This coming year, our visions are to increase the awareness of Sports Association among all members of Hong Kong University Students’ Union and enhance the atmosphere by publicizing and promoting it. We hope to maintain healthy relationship with the Hong Kong University Students' Union, Institute of Human Performance, 25 sports clubs, faculties and halls. Through hosting intervarsity games, we hope to promote a good image and build up reputation of Sports Association.


Facilities Venues

Flora Ho Sports Centre (FHSC)

Lindsay Ride Sports Centre (LRSC)

F Stanley Smith Swimming Pool (SSSP) at Flora Ho Sports Centre

Henry Fok Swimming Pool (HFSP) at Stanley Ho Sports Centre

West Island School Swimming Pool

Additional Tennis Courts

West Island School Swimming Pool